Do No Harm: 714X Defying A Hopeless Prognosis
Do No Harm: 714X Defying A Hopeless Prognosis
Do No Harm: 714X Defying A Hopeless Prognosis

Do No Harm: 714X Defying A Hopeless Prognosis

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Gaston Naessens, truly miraculous, 714X should be recognized and included as the foundation of ALL cancer therapy!  Why?  Because cancer secretes a self-cloaking hormone that makes it invisible to the body. 

714X un-locks the natural ability of the body to eliminate the disease-without the dreadful and lethal side effects of the failed conventional allopathic dogma.

Everyone suspects why no cancer cures are "found" is about money, it's much deeper than that, however, isn't it time we awaken from a 100 year mis-leading indoctrination? 

Our great enemy is fear born of lack of knowledge and it's intentional use against your best interest. 30 Million, Americans died from chemotherapy and radiation in the last 20 years at a cost of TRILLIONS of dollars?  

Not entirely our fault, but we allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by Rockefeller managed medical school indoctrination, propaganda and blockade of viable cancer cures. They demand complete control over our lives.

Also silencing organized refusal to allow insurance companies to cover proven cures from outside pharma control, or the Traditional Healing Arts of Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and others. 



Charles Pixley, is a Vietnam Veteran,  entrepreneur, who s30 yea ago was at the forefront as a  whistleblower fostering the global awakening to congressional, FDA and pharma criminal cabal, publicist for notable authors, as well as a co-author publisher of DO NO HARM: 714x Defy A Hopeless Prognosis, Founder and Chairman, of an Institutional Review Board, IRB, which  monitored the protocol a non-toxic cure for cancer and AIDS, which has saved countless lives from certain death

Charles received, notable recognition in numerous magazine articles, has been hosted on 100’s of national and local radio talk shows, interviewed on NBC TV, with famous magazine publisher Bob Guccione, and star of the WALTONS series, Richard Thomas and interviewed by Peter Van Sant  for 48 HOURS, and numerous contemporary hosts  to speak out against medical crimes against humanity which precipitated government reprisal, wrongful prosecution and incarceration

Today he would like to take us on a time travel dive deep into the Synthesis of Knowledge, the Science of God, source of RE-Awakening to eternal life in Jesus Kingdom and the ever-present enemy of truth and Liar leading only to destruction and death.

 Returning home 21 months in Vietnam, awakened to social-political lies and propaganda manipulation intention death profiteers, whose perpetual destruction fosters depravity only to repeat itself in every generation for all time.

Twenty-two year old Charles Pixley swimming against the overwhelming dark current intense focus on What Is Reality?  This prayer was soon answered with a surprise appearance of God In Human form.  Born-Again, and Angel wings fully functional followed by marriage and 20 years of business pursuits to provide for a growing family.

It’s  the dawn of the great awakening for a hypnotized multibillion indoctrinated  population. In 1990 his discovery of the Rockefeller cabal and blockade of numerous cures for cancer, AIDS and other degenerative diseases, it invoked an unquenchable rage and commitment to expose and destroy the obvious death for profit gambit.  He went on the offense lead by Truth, Knowledge, Power  and love, simply stated, God

 There were only a handful of others around the world at the time, Dietmar Schildwaechter, MD, PhD., Robert Atkins, MD, G. Edward Griffin, Ed McCabe, “Mr.Oxygen,” , Peter Duesberg, JoStanislaw R. Burzynski MD, PHD, Jon Rappoport, Ralph Moss, PhD, to name a few.

In 1991, Pixley founded and chaired an Institutional Review Board, IRB, under USC Title 21, part 56, and Title 21 Part 50 which mandates  "INFORMED CONSENT," for participation or use of any drug.

714X has been available since the late 1960's to understand fully and be empowered read: DO NO HARM: 714X Defying A Hopeless Prognosis!   Harmless714X.COM

Rockefeller allopathic indoctrination has set itself up as the arbiter of truth, to destroy all other Healing Arts, since the 1920’s, however during that time numerous proven remedies were shut out of our mainstream by the FDA.

Since the mid 1980's, it was well established in two-major 20-year studies published in major medical journals NEJM, by John Bailar III, MD and the other in LANCET by Michael Spoorn, MD, which proved chemotherapy & radiation are a total failure, and was scientifically proven to have an abysmal 3% survival rate past 5 years.

The FDA could not find anything he had done wrong as we were operating under the aegis of the Federal Code. Nonetheless, they sent an agent to his office every day for days at a time to review our files and take whatever she wanted, and then later raided the office with a dozen armed agents, and stripped files, and soon after seized his car.

The FDA built their illegal indictment based on an AGENCY REGULATION, which was not even a Law, and sought 19 years in prison, after finding that I had brought a small amount of 714X across the border from Canada to rush to a 13-year-old boy, Billy Best.

Pixley had a private meeting with HHS Assistant Secretary Philip R. Lee, MD who had granted me a waiver, this was ignored. 

During Federal Court the Judge was summoned to DC for a private meeting with Chief Justice William Rehnquist and President William Jefferson Clinton. Upon his return the next day in court the Judge perfunctorily found me guilty and sentenced me to prison.

At the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, he argued Americans have The Right to Life and may preserve their Life by any means available. The 2nd Circuit refused to uphold that Right and upheld District Court decision.

Exactly how many family members, loved ones, friends must die of chemotherapy and radiation before we understand and take charge of our own health and seek out competent non-toxic remedies which remove the threat of death?

The enormous loss to the families and fabric of our nation cost TRILLIONS syphoned from private assets, government, and insurance coffers.

In 1991 Pixley educated the public nationally and internationally about USC TITLE 21 Part 50 and 56 "INFORMED CONSENT."  For this he was politically assassinated, sent to federal prison and his live saving book banned for teaching everyone about a proven non-toxic cure for cancer, AIDS and immune disorders called 714X.

Forcing the statute into our consciousness and the bright lights as in November of 2018, President Trump signed into law “THE RIGHT TO TRY ACT!”

We are at the crossroads of 100 years of educational indoctrination, betrayal, and a mind control, hidden within benevolent lies and behind government authority.

Listen to the dynamic and powerful story of conquest and pitfalls of Charles Pixley in his passionate efforts to save lives, with an offensive attack to expose and stop the criminal FDA, Big Pharma, and the Congress they own and control.

Many notable personalities and millions of others around the world over the last 50 years  A patron of Pixley’s IRB, Congressman Berkeley Bedell successfully treated for terminal cancer by our Chief Investigator and they both testified before Congress and this sparked a predictable reaction by the FDA.

Most people think or know the FDA has blocked cures, but even if taught alternatives, doctors fear loss of license or worse, the patrons remain terrified from lack of knowledge, insidiously insurance doesn't cover their choices outside Chemo and Radiation.

Recent appearances on Ty and Charlene’s “The Truth About Cancer” series, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, RedPill78, Mel Fabregas – Veritas Radio, Quite Frankly, Don Jeffries, and Sacha Stone, to name only a few of well over 100 appearances on national and local radio, to include “48 HOURS” with Peter van Sant during the 1990’s.

Since his senseless and illegal incarceration in 1996, over 30 million Americans have died following orthodox therapy!  How many more deaths-for-the-profit does that imply for the numbers of dead  around the world?

Charles Pixley


God Bless you.  All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

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