Why should we trust FDA, CDC, NIH, and WHO?
We are at the crossroads of 100 years of educational indoctrination, betrayal,
and a mind control, hidden within benevolent lies;
one such malevolent lie which has been advertised for well over 60 years. "WE HAVE TO FIND A CURE FOR CANCER” followed by: "donate to find a cure." Any cures found outside the Rockefeller/Carnegie organized
indoctrination have always been swiftly blocked.
James Corbett tells this story with his classic excellence.
Since the mid 1980's, it was well established in 2 major 20 year studies published in major medical journals
NEJM, by John Bailar III, MD and the other in LANCET by MIchael Spoorn, MD, which proved,
Chemotherapy & Radiation are a total failure, and scientifically proven to have an abysmal 3% survival rate past 5 years.
Allopathic indoctrination has set itself up as the arbiter of truth, to destroy all other Healing Arts, since the 1920’s,
now a multi TRILLION dollar industry, which harvests millions of lives worldwide annually.
The lettered agencies, WHO, NIH, CDC and FDA obfuscate statistics, manipulate the public perception,
and maintain what may be characterized as a police state control over our health choices
as well as a tight reign over the front line practitioners of the medical community.
SO, HOW DO WE ELIMINATE CANCER WITHOUT CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIATION? One solution,in my opinion, which should be the foundation of all cancer therapy.known as 714X.
The foundation because it immediately activates the immune response and shuts off the hormone
known as HCg, secreted by cancer, which blinds the immune system to its existence.
There are many other remedies which have been shut out of our mainstream by the FDA.
714X has been available since the late 1960's. http:harmless714X.com
In 1991, I founded and chaired an Institutional Review Board, IRB,
under USC Title 21, part 56, and title 50 "INFORMED CONSENT."
We gave full disclosure to the FDA, which later testified in court
they "had no knowledge, nor understanding, and had seen no evidence to support."
During the period of 1991 through 1996, I appeared as a guest on well over 100 national talk shows
to tell the story of this amazing medicine and the response was overwhelming.
Both our testimony before Congress and the phenomenal response, sparked a predictable reaction by the FDA,
which we expected since we were on the offense to take down this deadly regime, and this was also
sparked primarily because of my national radio offense against their "Death For Profit"
agenda and blockade of legitimate life saving "cures."
The FDA ordered me to their headquarters in Rockville, MD
and threatened "if I didn't stop they would find me guilty and put me in jail! "
My response was an adamant refusal: "we are saving lives and you're killing people
with Chemo and Radiation and you know it! "
The FDA could not find anything that I had done wrong as we were operating under the aegis
of the Federal Code. Nonetheless, they sent an agent to my office everyday for days at a time
to review our files and take whatever she wanted, and then later raided the office with a dozen
armed agents, and stripped our files, and soon after seized my car.
The FDA built a case in the press against me and all of my colleagues abandon the project out of fear.
They built their indictment and sought 19 years in prison, after finding that I had brought a small amount of
714X across the border from Canada to rush to a 13 year old boy, Billy Best.
Billy, who after one dose of deadly chemotherapy nearly killed him, had run away from Boston's Dana Farber,
and refused to return if not allowed to use a different remedy. His story made national news and the family
appeared on all the major morning talk shows.
I found out where Billy was, contacted him, educated him on 714X and then made sure he had the medicine.
Billy is still alive, has a family and wrote a book https://www.amazon.com/Billy-Best-Story-Alternative-Medicine/dp/0985497009 
and told his story everywhere he could to help others survive. you tube: https://youtu.be/Eac7zJi_rDc
During the trial it was apparent I was winning in Federal Court, then by sudden surprise, the Judge was summoned
to DC for a private meeting with Chief Justice William Rehnquist and President William Jefferson Clinton.
Upon his return the next day in court the Judge perfunctorily found me guilty and sentenced me to prison.
Do you think the meeting with the President and Chief Justice was a Coincidence?
At the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, we argued Americans have The Right to Life and may preserve their Life by any means available. The 2nd Circuit refused to uphold that Right and I was sent to federal prison.
Again coincidentally the District Court Judge in my case is and was an alternate on the Circuit Court of Appeals.
After 30 years of effort most people think or know the FDA
has blocked cures, but even if taught alternatives, doctors fear loss of license
or worse, and the patrons remain terrified from lack of knowledge,
or support, many because insurance doesn't cover their choices outside Chemo and Radiation.
While my family and I suffered great losses, they are NOTHING compared to the massive losses by the American lives, who suffer and fail their battle for life against unregulated unconstitutional authority.
Since my incarceration, over 30 million Americans have died following orthodox therapy
and an enormous loss to the families and fabric of our nation and at a cost of over $3 TRILLION syphoned from our insurance coffers.
Respectfully, I request your professional attention and assistance to get this message of hope our to as many people as can hear it 
and hopefully bring about change to unconstitutional out of control agencies;
Charles  Pixley
585 217 2191